Dog Shows

Dog Shows · 26. October 2020
International Dog Show, Russia, Kazan Ch.INDEVOR MAJESTIC WIZARD - CACIB, BOB, Best Of Group Winner! Ch.INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE - CAC, R.CACIB!
Dog Shows · 06. September 2020
06-09-2020 Russia, Yaroslavl, International Dog Show Ch. INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE - CAC, CACIB, BOB! JCh. INDEVOR MILLION REASONS - JCAC, BOBjunior!
Dog Shows · 09. August 2020
BEST IN SHOW #116 and #117 One day, Two shows, Two BEST IN SHOW!!! 09-08-2020 Russia, Two national dog shows Ch. INDEVOR TOO HOT FOR YOU
Dog Shows · 02. May 2020
Dog Shows · 04. April 2020
Ch. Indevor Open Mind BEST IN SHOW WINNER JUDGE Michelle Scott, Canada Córdoba Kennel Club Owner: Carlos Ferrari Handler & Agent: Fausto Ariel Gusberti
Dog Shows · 07. March 2020
#114 BEST IN SHOW Multi Ch, Inter Ch, AKC Ch, CAN Ch. INDEVOR MAJESTIC WIZARD National Dog Show 07-03-2020
Dog Shows · 27. January 2020
24-25-26.01.2020 3*International Dog Shows, Kaunas, Lithuania Ch. INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE - 3*CAC, 2*CACIB, R.CACIB, 2*BOB, 2*Best In Group, BIS 3! Ch. INDEVOR MAJESTIC WIZARD - 3*CAC, CACIB, 2*R.CACIB, BOB, Best In Group, BIS 3! Ch. INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE NEW Lithuania Champion!
Dog Shows · 06. October 2019
5-10-2019, Russia, Moscow. Russian Akita Club National Specialty 2019. Entry over 130 American Akita. Judge breed specialist Sophia Kaluzniacki from the USA. Our wonderful boys have excellent results. Ch. INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE - 4th place in a very large class of juniors. Ch. INDEVOR MAJESTIC WIZARD - BOS! Russian Akita Club Champion! Photos Boris Glukharev
Dog Shows · 23. September 2019
National dog show, Russia, Yaroslavl #113 BEST IN SHOW Mult.Ch. INDEVOR MA­JESTIC WIZARD
Dog Shows · 10. August 2019
10-08-2019 Russia, Yaroslavl Ch.INDEVOR TEMPTATION OF LOVE (12 months) - BEST JUNIOR! NEW JUNIOR CH.RUSSIAN! Honorable judge Robert Akopyan (Russia)

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