"To accomplish great things we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe". Anatole France

About myself 


My name is Viktoria Prihodko. I’m from Yaroslavl an ancient town northeast of Moscow, Russia.  There have always been dogs in my family. My grandfather was a lover of the hound, and we have had working dogs such as the setter and pointer.  I had my first dog when I was 12 years old. She was not a purebred she was half Scottish terrier. I trained her and we competed in dog sport events. It was in her I developed a fondness and love for dogs. 

My husband and I saw an Akita in one of the magazines and decided to buy such a dog for showing. In 1998 I acquired my first Akita. I began my show career with this dog and I decided this is the breed I wanted to breed. Since then I have seriously devoted my time to this beautiful breed. 



I have two university degrees and I work in the field of biology professionally. I registered my kennel "Indevor" with the Federation Cynologique Internationale Canine (FCI) in 2006. We did not breed from my first Akita. We decided to buy good quality dogs from established famous breeders. 

Akitas from Indevor

Not every dog I bought were suitable to be used in my breeding program. I learn from my previous experience and I become more knowledgeable in this breed. From my observation and research, this breed is excellent in health and friendly in temperament. I will not include dogs that are reactive and aggressive into my breeding. 


Akita is an excellent companion, well trained and very clever dog. I travel a lot with my dogs to shows in different countries of the world. I cannot narrow down one special exhibition as my favourite event because every show leaves positive impression on me and motivates me to work harder and do better. Our first show at the beginning of 2019 after the new year was a victory to my breeding as my Akita Ch. INDEVOR MAJESTIC WIZARD won the Best In Show at Tartu, Estonia. This was our 110th  BIS! We have a whole room allocated to display trophies we won from various shows.  



Each dog has its own personality, habits and characteristics. They are all unique. We must love them regardless of winning at the show or not. Every breeder should understand his or her responsibility in breeding and working with the breed. Never use sick, aggressive, fearful dogs in breeding. My priority has always been breeding physically and mentally healthy dogs of the correct breed type. 

To the Newcomers



For people who are thinking of becoming an Akita owners, I advise you to choose a puppy from healthy and good temperament parents. Raise, and train your dog with love. You will definitely be rewarded and think of one Akita is not enough, more Akitas are better. After all, this is truly a unique breed of dog!